10 Awesome DIY Summer Shirts To Show Off Your Style

There are so many summer shirts out there that are generic and boring in their appearance. Go to the beach or a popular BBQ in the hot weather and you will find so many girls wearing the same style of clothing. The perfect thing about shirts is that they can be teamed with a number of items to create the perfect outfit (e.g. jeans, skirts, leggings, etc.)

The shirts can be dressed up or down and can be made to look perfect for any occasion. This year, it’s time to stand out from the crowd, to be noticed and you can do that with the following DIY summer shirts. While these shirts might vary in terms of style, you are guaranteed to find at least one that is right for you. The fact they are DIY, means you are unlikely to find anyone else wearing something similar.

You are sure to attract the right kind of attention when you wear one of these items and everyone will want to know where you got your cool outfit from. Have a browse through the following links and try to picture it for you this summer as you have the time of your life.

10 DIY Summer Shirts

1. DIY Crochet Trim Seam

DIY Crochet Trim Seam
Image By: trashtocouture.com

This is a really cute looking shirt that will keep you cool when it’s hot outside. By getting a tight shirt, cutting it down the sides and inserting a crochet underlay – it’s absolutely transformed into something spectacular. Full tutorial, please visit this website trashtocouture.com

2. Lattice, Stud T-shirt DIY

Lattice, Stud T-shirt DIY
Image By: wobisobi

This cool style of shirt is a little edgy, while still showing a little flesh and femininity for the summer. Create this yourself with another shirt you already have. Read full step at this website wobisobi

3. DIY Oversized Cropped Tank From A T-shirt

DIY Oversized Cropped Tank From A T-Shirt
Image By: lovemaegan.com

Crop tops are usually styled to be tight, but this DIY version definitely goes against the grain. The flowy style shirt has beautiful detailing in the back too. More detail for this project, click this link lovemaegan.com

4. Grommet Shoulder Top

Grommet Shoulder Top
Image By: trashtocouture.com

This shirt takes a regular garment and makes it more quirky by adding lace detailing on the shoulders for a sexy but sophisticated look. Visit this site for full step tutorials trashtocouture.com

5. Grunge Corset T-shirt

Grunge Corset T-Shirt
Image By: stylenirvana

Who says corsets have to look a certain way? By adding some simple ribbon, this shirt has been made into a corset shirt and it looks amazing! Read more details at this site stylenirvana

6. T-shirt Halter Top

T-Shirt Halter Top
Image By: starsforstreetlights.com

Making a halter style top from a simple shirt that has been in your wardrobe all year around is a cheaper choice and makes for a much cuter outfit too. See more details here starsforstreetlights.com

7. Bow Back T-shirt

Bow Back T-Shirt
Image By: collegefashion.net

This is a particular favorite of mine from this list of DIY summer shirts because it looks fresh, trendy but at the same time original. See all process on this website collegefashion.net

8. Gucci Inspired Cut-Out T-shirt

Gucci Inspired Cut-Out T-Shirt
Image By: lovemaegan.com

Replicate this catwalk style with a simple black T-shirt. This is probably the most out there of the designs, but it’s guaranteed to have all eyes on you. Full tutorials for this project, please visit this website lovemaegan.com

9. DIY Braided Back Tee

DIY Braided Back Tee
Image By: wobisobi

This is a fairly simple but delicate style of shirt that is perfect for wearing to the beach or a number of other occasions during summer time. More details, please visit this website wobisobi

10. Draped Necklace Tank Top From A T-shirt

Draped Necklace Tank Top From A T-Shirt
Image By: cremedelacraft.com

A necklace on a shirt, why hasn’t this been thought of before? It looks cool, but most importantly, it’s a unique style that makes people notice. Go to this website to read step-by-step cremedelacraft.com

With such a wide variety of DIY shirts that you can wear proudly this summer, you are all set to go. Most of these items are really easy to make from a shirt that you likely already have at home so unleash your creative side with fashion.