10 Easy DIY Crop Tops Perfect For Summer

Crop tops have been in trend for some time now and based on their popularity; they are likely to hold that place for years to come. They are extremely versatile and fun to put on. Many have this notion that crop tops are only meant for the youth, but contrary to popular beliefs, a crop top can be rocked by anyone.

However, these tiny and almost negligible pieces of fabric are ridiculously pricey. This is where we come into the entire scenario with our top 10 DIY crop tops that will ensure you can get your creative hat on and rock the upcoming summers without opening your wallet! Let’s check out them out!

1. Make A No Sew Crop Top Within 15 Minutes

No Sew Crop Top Within 15 Minutes

Image: brit.co

Ever heard of making your very own crop top without needing to possess some killer sewing skills? Well, this crop top enables you to create several of these babies with just a tank top and a fabric glue. Make this cute crop top within minutes, just like BRIT+CO did! Have the time of your life this summer.

2. DIY Alexander Wang Inspired Bralette

DIY Alexander Wang Inspired Bralette

Image: apairandasparediy

Bralettes are usually worn under formal coats, blazers, and trousers but if you are in the mood to show more of your skin this summer, make these sexy DIY bralettes at home! They are incredibly creative, sexy and fun outfits to wear with skirts and wraparounds. Check out how to make one of these at A Pair & A Spare!

3. DIY Topshop Crop Top

DIY Topshop Crop Top

Image: mckenzierenae

A plain white crop top is universal and so versatile that it practically goes with anything. You can mix&match and can practically make a whole new outfit out of them. However, they are also super pricey, and it makes no sense to pay a mountain for a colorless, tiny piece of fabric.

Learn how to make these Topshop crop tops at home with the help of the McKenzie Renae.

4. No Sew Sequin Graphic Crop

No Sew Sequin Graphic Crop

Image: kristimurphy

Anything that you do not have to sew is fantastic! This Sequin Graphic Crop Top is another one of those hassle-free makes that makes the needles redundant. If you want to go neutral, these black and white stripes are it! Kristi Murphy shows you how to make and rock them.

5. DIY Off The Shoulder Crop Top

Off The Shoulder Crop Top

Image: dushonok

Summer was coming and it’s a must to show off that sexy body! These Off The Shoulder Crop Tops will definitely make you the talk of the town. They scream comfort, spring, pastoral and fun! These fun little tops by Why Buy? DIY! promise to bring your inner girl out.

6. DIY Bikini Crop Top

DIY Bikini Crop Top

Image: blog.swell.com

Yes, that’s a thing! Now you can easily turn your favorite bikini into a sexy cute number to rock the summers. We all love bikinis, and we all love crop tops. Why not combine the two and make yourself a unique piece of clothing! Swell Life show you on how to look sexy in a bikini crop top.

7. Crop Top from An Old Tee

Crop Top from An Old Tee

Image: chictopia

We all have a few T-shirts lying at the back of our closets that do not see the light of day. How cool would it be if we could turn them into flirty crop tops! This technique is incredible to recycle your ancient baggy cotton tees that you have no plans to wear again in this life. ChicTopia shows you how.

8. Hand Printed Open Back Crop Top DIY

Open Back Crop Top DIY

Image: dushonok

These open back crop tops are ideal to beat the heat and give some much-needed ventilation for your back. DUSHONOK demonstrates how to cut open those backs and carry off this hipster look with class.

9. DIY Wrap Crop Top

DIY Wrap Crop Top

Image: thefeltedfox

Wraparounds have forever been trending and these easy to make wrap crop tops are no different. They look incredibly cool without any trace of a pattern on them and are perfect for summers! The Felted Fox shows you how to knot them at the front.

10. Old Jean Crop Top

Old Jean Crop Top

Image: 2ndfunniestthing

Don’t be fooled by the name because unlike the other crop tops on the list; this one is super versatile and elegant. This easy tutorial by 2nd Funniest Thing will show you how to make these crop tops at home easily.


With the myriad tutorials and varieties here, making your own crop top just got a whole lot easier. Pick one of this guide to make your own DIY crop tops today! You will not stop it in only one.