10 Unique DIY Maternity Clothes That You Must Try

Maternity is one of the best phases in a woman’s life. However, you can’t compromise on your fashion and the Fashionista within your mind. Moreover, for a short period of nine months, you can’t spend too much money on maternity clothes because you need to prepare all of your money for your lovely baby in the future.

Hence, we are here to help you with an amazing DIY maternity clothes that you can design easily and enjoy with top of the fashion world. Read on to discover the list and prepare for action for some project that you love.

1. Make A Maternity Tunic DIY

Make A Maternity Tunic DIY

Image: A Beautiful Mess

You won’t believe it, but you can make lovely designer tunics within a matter of 10 minutes. A Beautiful Mess shows you the easy way to make a designer tunic without any sewing. It will be a free-flowing tunic so you will have ample space and won’t feel suffocated in the least. You can choose to wear it with a legging or just go all out without one to show some skin.

2. Knit Elastic Top Maternity Style

Knit Elastic Top Maternity Style

Image: cottonandcurls

Cotton And Curls brings you the best maternity clothing that you can make within minutes. If you are dealing with clothes getting tighter day by day, you can try out the elastic top to give some much-needed room to breathe freely.

3. Maternity Shirt

Maternity Shirt

Image: madeeveryday

Shirts can be a lifesaver if you’re looking for something loose and trendy at the same time. If you are a soon-to-be-mother, you deserve to have some incredible maternity shirts that you can make easily at home. Made Everyday  helps you with some trendy and easy DIY designs!

4. Upcycled Maternity Dress

Upcycled Maternity Dress

Image: ruthie-lilmamasews

Upcycling is always a great idea as it helps you save a lot of money and it’s an outlet for your creativity. Especially when you are pregnant, you can use some of your old clothes and turn them into modern and chic clothes that won’t go to waste at the back of your closet. Ruthie-lil Mama Sews can be a lifesaver and give you some great tips to upcycle your wardrobe.

5. Wraparound Maternity Top Variation

Wraparound Maternity Top Variation

Image: vivatveritas

Your pregnancy would go faster than you imagined and you don’t want to miss out on trying out some fantastic wraparound maternity Tops. Vivat Veritas can help you with some mind-blowing wraparound maternity Tops to rock that pregnancy!

6. Converted Maternity Pants

Converted Maternity Pants

Image: modestmaven

If you’re pregnant, you know how quickly you’re bound to outgrow those slim and body-hugging pants. Therefore, Modest Maven gives you a permanent solution to convert them into stylish maternity pants that you can flaunt with people.

7. Free Friday Maternity Dress DIY

Friday Maternity Dress DIY

Image: kimwelling

Summers are the perfect time to be pregnant because you can show off that body by wearing sexy free flowing summer dresses. Kim Welling has some outstanding DIY maternity dress ideas that will make you and your pregnancy look fabulous!

8. DIY Maternity Pants from Jeans

Maternity Pants from Jeans

Image: sayyes

So, your jeans do not fit you anymore? If you certain that the body-hugging jeans you bought so lovingly would be of no use for some time now? Well, keep your worries aside because Say Yes shows you exactly how to turn them into trendy maternity pants in a jiffy.

9. Maternity Top Refashion

Maternity Top Refashion

Image: craftsnob

It is natural to want to keep repeating a bunch of clothes day after day if you’re pregnant. To add a bit of variety to your outfits, it makes sense to try mixing and matching and try combining two tops to make one. It might sound bizarre, and a challenging thing to DIY but Craft Snob makes it look like a piece of cake!

10. Sexy Maternity Dresses

Sexy Maternity Dresses

Image: diymaternity

Pregnancy is in no way equivalent to boring outfits and shaggy clothes. To bring some much-needed oomph in your fashion style, try making these sexy maternity dresses at home. These maternity dresses from DIY Maternity scream “hot.”

Decide which one of the DIY maternity clothes you think that fit with your mind and your body and start this amazing outfit today!