12 Handmade Bags You’ll Fall in Love With

Handmade bags can save a lot of money for the ladies who frequently go out of the house for their work. You can even establish a business of selling DIY bags if you are fond of creating. It’s a girl’s favorite past-time to collect fashionable handbags especially if she’s working or goes outside of the house.

The girls make it a habit of gathering handbags due to the love associated with carrying stylish handbags while going out of the house. The tendency of having different trendy handbags can become expensive, but not if the girls know how to make designer handbags at home. Creating DIY handmade bags require a lot of great ideas and oodles of creativity.

A creative handmade bag maker will have unique ways to make professional quality bags from simple materials usually found at home. Here are 12 best DIY contemporary bag projects that you can try making at your home.

12 Handmade Bags Ideas

1. Tassel Bag Charm

Tassel Bag Charm
Image By: honestlywtf.com

This homemade bag adds a cascading string of vibrant tassels to my favorite beach bag in less than half an hour. More details, visit this site honestlywtf.com

2. Basic Zipper Pouch

Basic Zipper Pouch
Image By: seekatesew.com

This is one of the easiest and cheapest to make and can be useful to carry almost everywhere. More details, click here link seekatesew.com

3. Beaded Tassel Bag DIY

Beaded Tassel Bag DIY
Image By: runningwithagluegunstudio.com

You can make this bag by up-cycling an old bag lying around and makeover that bag to come out with a pretty one. Full tutorials, you can review at runningwithagluegunstudio.com

4. Minimalist Tote Bag

Minimalist Tote Bag
Image By: designsponge.com

It’s simple to make this luxurious-looking bag with inexpensive materials and superior quality fabrics. Full tutorial, please visit this website designsponge.com

5. Leather Clutch DIY

Leather Clutch DIY
Image By: trinketsinbloom.com

With the use of dry iron (no steam), it’s easy to add heat transfers to leather and make a trendy and cute bag. More detail visit this site trinketsinbloom.com

6. Pillow Case Tote Bag

Pillow Case Tote Bag
Image By: cremedelacraft.com

There’s no requirement of sewing in making this comfortable and lightweight bag which can hold almost all of your goodies. All step tutorials, please see here cremedelacraft.com

7. Quote Tote & Clutch

Quote Tote & Clutch
Image By: ispydiy.com

You can easily create this bag with your original craft-centric quotes and have some fun with style. Visit this site for full step tutorials ispydiy.com

8. Reversible Sling Bag

Reversible Sling Bag
Image By: crapivemade.com

It’s awesome to carry this bag as it’s reversible and especially useful in situations where one side gets dirty due to an unpleasant situation. Go to this website to read step-by-step crapivemade.com

9. Cross-Stitched Monogram Tote Bag

Cross-Stitched Monogram Tote Bag
Image By: brit.co

By the use of some beginner painting techniques and basic supplies, you can cross-stitch a tote bag with your name’s monogram. See more detail on this site brit.co

10. DIY Cross Body Bag

DIY Cross Body Bag
Image By: papernstitchblog.com

You can create this cross body bag by some thick, colorful placements and it’ll cost you less than $10 to make this one. Go to this site to see step-by-step procedure papernstitchblog.com

11. Emoji Zipper Pouch

Emoji Zipper Pouch
Image By: seekatesew.com

This is one of the easiest and quickest handbags to make and can be a perfect Valentine gift if you fill them with love notes See step-by-step on this site seekatesew.com

12. Patterned Clutch Purse

Patterned Clutch Purse
Image By: sarahhearts.com

These cute bags are fun to make and would be the perfect gift for mother’s day or a girl’s birthday. Full step tutorials, please go to this site sarahhearts.com

If you’re a novice in making handmade bags, then have a little patience. With regular practice, you can build striking things around handbags.