12 Homemade Dresses Ideas

With homemade dresses you can keep up with the latest fashion trends without needing to spend a fortune. There are loads of different homemade dress designs which can be found online. I have tried to select some of my favorite DIY dresses. I’ve concentrated on dress designs which not only look fantastic, but are also relatively easy to make.

For some reason, many people are reluctant about dress making because they think it will be overly complicated. While this can be true, hopefully the designs I’ve selected show just how easy it can be. Not only is it easy, but making your own dresses is rewarding and lots of fun.

If you are interested in trying out any of the homemade dress designs below, then most will have detailed and easy to follow how-to guides. This doesn’t mean that you have to follow them exactly. You could customise the design to make them unique and even more special.

Easy Guide for 12 Homemade Dresses

1. Caftan Dress Tutorial

Caftan Dress Tutorial
Image By: rivaladiva.com

The Caftan Dress looks exactly like a very expensive dress you could really buy off the rack. The material used looks very expensive, although you could use any kind of semi-transparent fabric where the print can be seen from both sides of the material.

A pattern is available which makes it very easy to mark the fabric and cut it out. The finished dress is a lot of fun and it flows beautifully when it’s worn. As you only need basic fabric, it’s very inexpensive to make.

2. Maxi Wrap Dress

Maxi Wrap Dress
Image By: cottonandcurls.com

The Maxi Wrap Dress is another design that looks like something you would pay good money for. Although the pictures show it in a fairly deep blue, virtually any color would work just as well. Maxi dresses are very popular at the moment.

The problem is that some people struggle to wear them due to their height. By making your own DIY maxi wrap dress, you can adjust the length accordingly to suit. Detailed patterns and instructions are provided. The only requirement is stretchy material and plenty of patience.

3. Boho Maxi Dress

Boho Maxi Dress
Image By: sweet-verbena

The boho maxi dress looks fantastic when coupled with a wide belt. It’s a very cute dress which looks like a lot of fun to make. The tutorial goes into a lot of detail, including how to mix fabric dyes together to create the right type of color. If you don’t want to mess about with dyes, then you could use colored or plain fabric.

4. DIY Scalloped Shift Dress

DIY Scalloped Shift Dress
Image By: create-enjoy.com

Scalloped Dresses look very professional. They are also very easy to recreate. The dress has a fairly simple, but classy shape. The scalloped detail make it feel fresh and modern. The dress design works best with plain colors of fabric.

Cutting the scalloped details uniformly will take a bit of practice and patience, so it’s worth trying out your techniques on a scrap of fabric first. Even so, the finished results are well worth it.

5. Tie Back Dress

Tie Back Dress
Image By: mellysews.com

Tie Back Dresses are perfect for summer because they are that bit cooler. This tutorial shows how you can create a professional looking tie back dress yourself. The fabric used in the tutorial is patterned, although it could also be used with plain fabric if you prefer.

6. Cowl Draped Infinity Dress

Cowl Draped Infinity Dress
Image By: instructables.com

The cowl draped infinity dress published on instructables is ideal for wearing during the summer. It works well with two different fabric designs, one of which is plain, and the other patterned. There are patterns available on the instructable, these can be drawn on pattern paper and copied onto the material. The dress looks outstanding when finished.

7. Cherry Pickin’ Dress

Cherry Pickin’ Dress
Image By: lyllosmig.com

This is an interesting tutorial that I found online. Up until now all the dresses focus on starting from scratch. However, the Cherry Pickin’ Dress shows just how easy it can be to customise and re-invent a dress you bought from a store.

Although you probably won’t be able to find the exact same dress to customise, you can apply these techniques to any dress bought off the rack.

8. A Chic Shirt Dress

A Chic Shirt Dress
Image By: brit.co

This is another fascinating tutorial which can be used to create a beautiful dress out of little more than a men’s shirt. The results are amazing, if you are thinking it will look just like a baggy shirt then think again. The results actually look like a brand new dress. See detail for A Chic Shirt Dress right here.

9. Simple Summer Dress

Simple Summer Dress
Image By: whiletheysnooze

The simple summer dress looks very cute, and it might be enough to inspire you to have a go yourself. The tutorial uses a standard dress to copy the pattern, and then adjustments are made. The author goes into a lot of detail into how they got the design just right.

10. Boat Club Dress

Boat Club Dress
Image By: sewcaroline.com

The boat club dress is perfect for down on the beach when you slip it over your swimsuit. The free pattern and full tutorial is available online. The steps are very detailed and the whole process is broken down into small steps. This dress would look amazing in any patterned fabric.

11. Everyday Knit Dress

Everyday Knit Dress
Image By: sewdiy.com

The everyday knit dress shows how you can take inspiration from a dress which is already made, and making it yourself. The everyday knit dress is very easy to make. It can be made very cheaply using material which costs as little as $6 per yard. Despite its low costs, it looks impressive when completed.

12. Easiest DIY Maxi Dress

Easiest DIY Maxi Dress
Image By: cationdesigns

This Easiest DIY Maxi Dress are extremely fashionable at the moment, but don’t suit everyone. However by making your own you can easily make it the right length. A well fitting maxi dress will make you look taller and slimmer. The wide long fabric belt breaks the pattern of the dress up.