8 Awesome DIY Pants To Try Right Now

Looking for the best DIY pant ideas? Comfortable pants are the “in-thing” in the world of fashion these days. We no longer live in a time where skinny, tight and uncomfortable pants are a necessity. We can totally be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Pants are the new lifesavers for everyone. These pants are stylish and bring out your inner personality in a jiffy. So why don’t you try out these easy DIY pants and get creative with their shapes, forms, and colors?

1. DIY Jogger Pants

DIY Jogger Pants

Image: simplesimonandco

Do you think buying a pair of jogger pants are completed waste your money? How about we tell you that you can make one of these in a hassle-free manner with this simple tutorial with Simple Simon And Company? You can own these comfy pants without burning a hole in your pocket. They are super comfortable and stylish at the same time.

2. DIY Tuxedo Pants

DIY Tuxedo Pants

Image: helloglow

Tuxedo pants have become popular for a few reasons. You can wear them for casual outings as well as for dressy parties. They go well with all kinds of tops and shirts, and you can mix&match them with your pre-existing clothes to create unique style statements. With Hello Glow, you can learn to make these tuxedo pants easily.

3. DIY Cut Out Pants

DIY Cut Out Pants

Image: boatpeopleboutique

Are you bored the old pants that you owned since high school? Cut out the pant and bring it back to in-trend and show off your beautiful legs again. Boat People Boutique has taken this style and made it easy for you to make use of your old jeans or pants. You will be proud of your newly styled pants.

4. DIY Wide Legged Pants

DIY Wide Legged Pants

Image: apairandasparediy

Wide legged pants are your best friends when you on traveling. If you make these pants from fabrics that can more breathe, you will successfully beat the harsh summer season. A Pair And A Spare will help you with some great designs and easy to make wide legged pants that can be used at all times of the year.

5. Mask & Paint DIY Pants

Mask & Paint DIY Pants

Image: kollabora

Do you like the colors? Do you love to paint? How about when we blend both to make you a perfect pants that fit you like a second skin? You don’t even have to be a professional painter to make these pants. Kolla Bora gives you some insight important information for making these pants.

6. DIY Lipstick Kisses Printed Jeans

Lipstick Kisses Printed Jeans

Image: lovemaegan

Are you a daring person that wants to try out new kinds of clothes? Love Maegan tries something unique and so versatile that you’ll love taking this little DIY project on. These lipsticks kissed pants also make excellent gifts for friends and family.

7. DIY Pajama Pants

DIY Pajama Pants

Image: liveabout

If you think making pants from scratch is a boring, Live About is here to change your mind. All you need is an old pair of pajamas or jeans, and you will already be on your way to a successful DIY project. Making your own pants also ensures that you have a great fit and design.

Moreover, you will be sure of the quality of fabric that went into making them. What’s more, you’ll love these little DIY projects over the weekend.

8. DIY Printed Palazzo Pants

DIY Printed Palazzo Pants

Image: apairandasparediy

Palazzo pants are the easiest to make and are the true definition of style and comfort. Pair it up with a cute Tank Top or a Spaghetti Top, to create a unique style statement. You can also choose various types of prints from A Pair And A Spare to jazz it up!

It’s time to be comfortable and stylish. So, which one of DIY pants that wake up your inside creativity to come out?