8 Ways to Make your Own Bag – Handmade Special Bags

Have you ever wanted to make your own bag? If so, then you’re reading the right guide. There are loads of creative people online, all offering different tips on how to make bags yourself.

I have listed eight of my favorite tutorials showing you how to make your very own bags. Some of these show you how to make a bag from scratch, others use a store bought bag as a blank canvas to something more creative.

Many of the tutorials I’ve selected are fairly simple to follow. They are actually quite a good introduction to sewing and creating your own handbags. Read the brief write up of the 8 different tutorials below.

8 Tutorials to Make your Own Bag

1. Cotton & Leather Clutch Purse

Cotton & Leather Clutch Purse
Image By: abeautifulmess.com

This cotton & leather clutch purse is a very fashionable bag which is extremely easy to create. You just need two different types of fabric, sewing essentials and a zip. The finished clutch bag looks like something you would find in stores and provides lots of useful space for your phone, purse and everything else you need to carry with you.

2. Retro DIY Beach Tote

Retro DIY Beach Tote
Image By: trinketsinbloom.com

The Retro DIY Beach Tote is ideal for a day at the beach. The bag is actually just made from a large tote bag bought in store. Various accessories can be stuck onto the bag, including shells, pearls and Rhinestones. Textured fabric paint also makes a great addition to make the bag look very special.

3. DIY Faux Bow Clutch

DIY Faux Bow Clutch

Image By: ispydiy.com

This tutorial makes use of heat transfer material which looks like a lot of fun. You can use the material to cut virtually any shape, which can then be ironed onto the bag. The tutorial shows how a standard faux suede bag can be used to create a fashionable bow bag. The finished bag is very effective and looks amazing.

4. Leather Lunch Bag

Leather Lunch Bag
Image By: lefanciulle

This is a very creative tutorial showing how you can make your very own leather lunch bag. This looks just like a real paper lunch box. It can be made from either real leather, or faux leather for a cheaper option. This looks amazing and is certainly the most fashionable way to take your sandwiches for lunch.

5. Origami Bag Tutorial

Origami Bag Tutorial
Image By: thecraftymummy.com

The Origami Bag Tutorial is very creative and personal. It’s also very easy to create, you just need some fabric, ribbon, thread and sewing essentials. Following the tutorial on the site is very easy as the process is broken down into simple steps. Folding the fabric to create the bag is also very rewarding.

6. Men’s Leather Jacket to fringe tote bag

Men’s Leather Jacket to fringe tote bag
Image By: ourlifeisbeautiful.com

This tutorial shows how you can create an amazing leather fringe bag on the cheap. Simply buy the largest leather jacket you can find. Then cut it into pieces and cut the fringes. The separate pieces can then be stitched together to create an expensive looking bag.

7. DIY Patterned Clutch Purse

DIY Patterned Clutch Purse
Image By: sarahhearts.com

The DIY patterned clutch purse is very cute. The author shows how you can use heat transfer material on plether or leather. You can cut out any shape which can then be ironed onto the material. To make this easier you can apply the material onto a pre-made purse you purchased from a store.

8. Smashed Fabric and Leather Pouch

Smashed Fabric and Leather Pouch
Image By: seekatesew.com

Smashed fabric is very fashionable this season. It can also be very expensive. However, making your own smashed fabric and leather pouch is inexpensive and loads of fun. You just need leather, fabric, and a zipper. The tutorial shows how you can easily create a smashed fabric look.