9 Amazing DIY Shirt Designs with Tutorial

Rocking a T-shirts especially during the summer gives you a classy, trendy look and there is no better way to do it than with the DIY shirt design. Shirts never get old and always give you a comfy feeling whether you are on the beach, party or when having a stroll.

For the ladies out there who want to sport T-shirts that give you a sense of class, elegance, and comfort at the same time, this article is for you. To begin with, the DIY shirts are the “Design It Yourself” shirts, hence you do not need an expert to assist you. All you need to do is have the picture in mind of what you want. The advantages of having a DIY shirt include;

  • It gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity.
  • It reflects your personality, hence offers a deeper connection to your inner self.
  • It’s a good way to make an extra cash.

A little bit of creativity goes a long way when it comes to DIY shirt design. All you need is some T-shirt, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread and you are good to go. Here are some samples of DIY shirts for you that will give you an exceptional look.

9 DIY Shirt Designs

1. DIY Feather Tee

DIY Feather Tee

Image By: sincerelykinsey.com

This is a plain long sleeve tee that has a custom feather stamp spread evenly on it. To rock this tee, you might consider putting on a necklace that goes with it giving it a classy look. More detail DIY Feather Tee

2. Butterfly Twist Tee

Butterfly Twist Tee

Image By: trashtocouture.com

The butterfly twist tee is unique in a way that its back forms a butterfly shape. This is achieved by twisting the back piece to form the butterfly shape and finally sewing it back to the front piece.

3. Big Baggy Shirt From Jumper Skirt

Big Baggy Shirt From Jumper Skirt
Image By: cutoutandkeep.net

One of the easiest DIY is this. Its made out of a big baggy shirt whose sleeve and upper part are cut off to remain with a skirt like. It has sleeves that goes over the shoulder for support.

4. Cut Out Back T-Shirt

Cut Out Back T-Shirt
Image By: lovemaegan.com

One of my favorite designs is this. The cut out back T-shirt is made by cutting a section of the shirt at the back beyond the shoulder blades a little bit from the sides.

5. Cross Stitch Heart Sweater

Cross Stitch Heart Sweater
Image By: uberchicforcheap.com

The cross stitch sweater is an easy one. A pattern is stitched over the chest area of the sweater.

6. DIY Print T-Shirt

DIY Print T-Shirt
Image By: tobebeautifulingodseyes

DIY Print T-shirt is almost similar to the DIY feather tee but the difference is that here, the stamp is of rubber. The stamp print is evenly spread on the T-shirts front.

7. The Grunge Corset T-shirt

The Grunge Corset T-shirt
Image By: stylenirvana

Another classy DIY shirt is this, the grunge corset T-shirt is made by putting ribbons over the holes which were made on the T-shirt. The design of the ribbon pattern is your choice.

8. Watermark T-Shirt Making

Watermark T-Shirt Making
Image By: lifeofcharmings.com

This is an amazing design made from a glue gel. A pattern is made over the gel like a watermark. See details here Watermark T-Shirt Making

9. Cookie Cutter Heart Shirt

Cookie Cutter Heart Shirt
Image By: makeit-loveit.com

This DIY design can also be worn by kids. It’s made of hearts which are either stitched onto the shirt or cut out of the shirts. Read more detail Cookie Cutter Heart Shirt.