9 Different Ways to Make DIY Sun Hat

Sun hats are not just a super stylish accessory but also very benefit as they help to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, when it comes to sun hats, “fashionable” and “in fashion” do not necessarily mean the same thing. You might find several fashionable sun hats in high-end stores, but they might not be in fashion.

The perfect solution to this problem of women on this planet is DIY activities. Now, you can make your very own DIY sun hat with triumph that caters to your individualistic taste. Here are nine popular and exciting ways that help you to do it.

1. A Cowboy Hat with Mod Podge and Fabric

Cowboy Hat with Mod Podge

Image: cathiefilian

Amidst the countless things that you can do by yourself, a sun hat is probably the easiest piece of item you can DIY! This sun hat is same too. Cathie Filian shows you how making a sun hat for a cowboy hat! It is a time to talk about upcycling the old accessories.

2. DIY Polka Dot Floppy Hat

DIY Polka Dot Floppy Hat

Image: sugarandcloth

Polka Dots are always in fashion, and these sun hats are perfect for the summer season. Wear them without any doubts for a day out at the beach and relax your life! Nothing talk of the town more than a floppy hat. In places of the world where humidity and heat, no mercy, this DIY floppy sun hat from Sugar And Cloth can you lifesaver.

3. DIY Donut Floppy Hat

Donut Floppy Hat

Image: studiodiy

The Donut Floppy Hat from Studio DIY is fun as it sounds! These donuts themed floppy hats are the perfect way to kick-start the summers. What’s more, they are really easy to DIY at home!

4. A Summer Bucket Hat

Summer Bucket Hat

Image: feelincrafty

Have you ever owned a pair of ancient tees that look faded and scrap? Do you own shirts that you don’t plan on wearing anymore? Well, they aren’t scraps anymore! You can turn these ignored pieces of clothing into a stylish summer sun hat that are just adorable! Learn how to get creative with your old clothes at Feelin Crafty!

5. DIY Custom Fedora

DIY Custom Fedora

Image: hisugarplum

Who doesn’t like fedora hats! They are crafty, ultra-chic and feminism personified. Hi Sugarplum teaches you how to make one of these custom fedora hats with amazing embroideries of your choice!

6. Pompom Sun Hat

Pompom Sun Hat

Iamge: mimosalaneblog

Anyone who loves pompoms will also love these floppy pompom sun hats! For all those times that you’ve craved for a sun hat while lazing on the poolside or the beach, we have got you covered with this fun sun hat. It is easy to make and you can check out the step by step tutorial at Mimosa Lane!

7. Dollar Store Sunhat

Dollar Store Sunhat

Image: whilecamdensleeps

Do you like spray paint on sun hats? Yes, now give a touch of gold to your sun hat that makes it look worth millions of dollars. While Camden Sleeps shows you exactly how to spray the paint in a thick and even manner for an expensive look!

8. Straw Sun Hat

Straw Sun Hat

Image: psimadethis

P.S. – I Made This gets creative and offers several different types of sun hats that you can DIY at home. All you need is a straw hat, some rope and a pair of scissors to make one of these super creative and original sun hats.

9. Dip Dye an Ombre Sun Hat

Dip Dye an Ombre Sun Hat

Image: gomakeme

Now wear a cool bikini on the beach is not enough! These sexy dyed sun hats are the closest thing to sexy as you can get. Baring your body to the harsh rays of the sun can often be a scary thought, but right now when ombre dye your sun hat to give it an intense color and look. Check it out at Go Make Me!

So, which hat are you going to DIY today? We believe these some of DIY sun hat can motivate you to be a crafts expert again.