9 Super Comfortable DIY Sandals for Chic Womens

Summer is almost here, and that means the good sign for painting toenails, sandals, and flip-flops. People usually do not think about designing their own sandals or footwear but trust us, once you get to it, you’ll soon start loving the freedom it grants you of getting creative with your foot style.

If you are looking to show off those freshly manicured feet this summer in a variety of DIY sandals, we have just the collection for you! There is something for everyone and every occasion here! Read on to discover the treasure!

1. DIY Studded Sandals

DIY Studded Sandals

Image: apairandasparediy

These studded sandals are the perfect equivalent of Gordon Ramsey’s 5-minute meals. If you have all the right ingredients in your possession, it’ll take you barely minutes to design one of these beauties for yourself! They are extremely fun to make and so pretty that you can wear it with any outfit without any second thoughts. Check them out at A Pair & A Spare!

2. DIY Sling Sandals

DIY Sling Sandals

Image: downhomeinspiration

Down Home Inspiration introduces these ludicrously easy to make sling sandals that would enhance the beauty of your feet any day! They are outrageously comfy and so sexy that you would think twice about wearing one of those painful stilettos again. In addition to that, you can make these in as many colors as you want to go with the myriad outfits in your closet.

3. Jeweled Sandals DIY

Jeweled Sandals DIY

Image: paperyandcakery

These might sound a bit bizarre, but trust us! Jeweled sandals are the cutest pair of footwear you can own. They take not much effort to make, and you can get immensely creative with a plethora of jewels and colors on your sandals. Papery & Cakery gets creative with these jeweled sandals and show you how to make them in a few easy steps.

4. Crystal Embellished Sandals

Crystal Embellished Sandals

Image: helloglow.co

Crystal Embellished and Jeweled Sandals have been trending for quite a while, and we are sure you’ve heard of them before. However, spending a ton of money on them makes absolutely no sense when you can easily make these elegant and glam sandals yourself. Hello Glow teaches you how to make crystal embellished sandals at home.

5. Alexander Wang Inspired Gladiator Sandals

Alexander Wang Inspired Gladiator Sandals

Image: apairandasparediy.com

These Gladiator Sandals are by far the hippest pair of sandals that you can own. There is also a heeled gladiator version, but the flat versions are super comfy and ideal for beaches and everyday use. A Pair & A Spare helps us make these DIY sandal with the help of an easy tutorial.

6. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Leather Sandal

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Leather Sandal

Image: instructables.com

If you are the Harry Potter fans, you will definitely love this pair of sandals. They are wicked in appearance and will surely catch the eye and envy of the people who get to see it. Learn how to make these at Instructables and rock them this summer!

7. Recycle the Old Sandals in A Jiffy

Recycle the Old Sandals

Image: brit.co

With these easy hacks, now you can easily make the sandals of the seasons gone that look like brand new and in trend. BRIT+CO brings these top 3 hacks to update your old strappy sandals and bring them to life.

8. Make Your Own Summer Sandals

Make Your Own Summer Sandals

Image: annekata.com

Summer shoes are a staple. Now making one of your own strappy sandal versions is super easy. Get inspired by the myriad collection of tips, tricks and tutorials shared by Annekata and DIY this summer!

9. Leather Fringe Sandals DIY

Leather Fringe Sandals

Image: sincerelykinsey.com

Leather fringe is fantastic in any colors, form or shape and when you put them on a pair of shoes or sandals, they are bound to be a hit. Now you can give a temporary and a bland pair of sandals a permanent makeover by adding some leather fringes to them. Learn how at Sincerely Kinsey!


If you’re looking to make your journeys not just comfortable, but exciting too, this is a great choice.

It might seem like a hard task, but these DIY Sandals are easy and actually pretty cool to possess! Simply create your own versions of these summer sandals for a fantastic fashion statement!