What Are The Benefits of Making Your Own Dress?

Dressmaking is one of the most intimidating crafts out there. This is because it requires you to have high level skills and also a lot of equipment is needed. However, regardless of all these obstacles, some of us are willing to give it a trial.

How would you feel wearing your homemade collection?

I bet you would feel great. Designing your outfit is fun and a cheaper way to show your creativity. You can make your own dress to the exact measurements and look very classy. I always design my dress, and so far I cannot regret it. Here In this article, I have outlined various reasons why you should design your outfit.

Is making your clothes cheaper?

Designing your garments is cheaper as compared to buying a tailor-made dress. This is because you can buy the fabric on wholesale or during off season and save some money. Making your clothes is simple since you can even use your old dress to trace the pattern.

Hannah Sullivan, co-founder of The New Craft House says that sewing her clothes is cost effective. Therefore,  learn how to sew your clothes and save your money.

Making Your Own Dress

Your clothes will be unique.

Have you ever attended an event and seen someone wearing the same outfit? If you have ever been in such a situation, you know how bad it feels. If you like buying mass designed clothes, and then you are not alone with that dress.

According to Paige Calvert, a Fashion Blogger from London, making your own apparel and accessories means that you will have one original piece that nobody owns. You also get the opportunity to buy your unique materials and colour that express your personality.

You can make dresses that fit your body.

Clothes that you purchase off the rack come with different sizes and might not fit you perfectly. However, when you decide to make your clothes, you will design to your exact shape and size. This means that they will be more fitting and appealing.

So Zo What Do You Know challenges sewers all over the world to consider wearing their own homemade clothes. You will have an option of adding more customised details like pockets and gathers. You can also use more than one pattern of fabric or style to modify your piece.

It is fun.

I find the entire sewing process very enjoyable. Looking for inspiration, choosing the right fabric and drawing my outfit is great fun. I also love the time I spend sewing or knitting. You can spare some of your free time and make yourself a piece. It feels great to wear your own design.

Sewing is a perfect way to use your feel time. Snatch sometime before bed or a few hours on the weekend once in a while.

You can express yourself by your design style.

Have you ever walked into a design shop and lacked something that defines you? Or maybe you like a certain color, but it’s hard to find? Don’t worry anymore. Sewing your own dress will solve your entire problem. Designing your own piece will allow you to make anything you desire.

There is no limitation as to what you can make. You can make clothes according to your taste and style. For instance, if you love wearing African prints, you can easily buy the fabric and design your own piece.

You value every outfit.

When you make your clothes, you tend to feel proud and satisfied. While making these garments, you take all your time to ensure that you produce something unique and beautiful. You will also make sure that you buy the best fabric to fit your wardrobe and personality.

You can spend most of your time making one garment just to ensure that it is well designed. Each dress is normally highly valued since that is where you have used your knowledge and skills.

You become your own designer.

Making your clothes is very inspiring. You can proudly tell people that you design your outfit. This will inspire them to learn sewing their clothes too. You will ensure that you use the best materials and design to make the dress. On the contrary, when you buy a dress from a rack, you usually have no idea of the type of material or who manufactured the dress.

Designing your own outfit is an excellent idea. This will save you some money and time. It also gives you pride and satisfaction. Ensure that you learn different types of design to make sure that you will always make the right outfit.

There are many places where you can learn sewing such as Fashion College, design shop or from YouTube tutorials. As such, take advantage of the latest opportunities and learn to make your own outfit.