17 Best Women Work Pants – Great Outfits for Working Women

If you want to wear pants to work, but you are worried about looking unprofessional, then it’s important to make sure that you know how to choose great pants, as well as how to style them. The right women work pants can make you look great and give you the confidence that you need to hold your own in a heated meeting.

Check out these 17 ways that you can wear pants to work, look and feel great, and impress everyone that you run into. When you follow these style tips, you are sure to feel confident and ready to tackle anything that the day brings.

1. Old Navy Color

Old Navy Color

image: julesinflats

A bright pop of color is sure to make you stand out at the office without making you look less than professional. See how to pair bright pants with a more neutral top at Jules in Flats, and you’ll love the way you look.

2. Go Slim and Black

Go Slim and Black

image: laurenmessiah

Black pants always look great when you are at work, and you can pair them with another neutral color or something that is a bit brighter, depending on your mood. Visit Lauren Messiah to see how great black pants can look.

3. Floral Pant Styles

Floral Pant Styles

image: torrid.com

Floral pants are sure to make you stand out when you are in the office. When paired with a neutral top, as they do here at Torrid, you can make sure that your pants are the focus of your outfit. Additionally, floral pants generally give you a lot of options of different color tops that you want to wear with your pants.

4. Look Smart Hem

Look Smart Hem

image: letemjealous

The right hem will make you look really put together, as shown here at Let’EmJealous. This will keep you from looking shorter than you actually are and ensure that you can show off your cute shoes, no matter what style they are.

5. Embrace Neutrals

Embrace Neutrals

image: impfashion

At IMP Fashion you can see how easily neutrals will make you stand out in the office without being boring. There’s no reason that neutrals can’t work in the office, and they will look especially great in the spring.

6. Go Wider and Looser

Go Wider and Looser

image: work-outfits

While tighter pants can look great at the office, if you want to be comfortable and relaxed, then opt for a wider and looser pair, as they show over at Work-Outfits. You can pair these pants with either a tighter or lower shirt, depending on how you want to look and feel.

7. Cute Pattern Pant

Cute Pattern Pant

image: livinginyellow

Patterns and prints are a great way to add interest to your outfit and to really set your pants apart from others in the office. If you choose patterned pants, then make sure that you keep your top a little bit more neutral so that your outfit doesn’t become too busy, like they did at Living in Yellow.

8. Give Them a Cuff

Give Them a Cuff

image: wannabemagazine

Cuffed pants look great at work and are sure to be the exact length that you need for your job. Visit Wannabemagazine to see how great your pants can look when you cuff them to the perfect length for your legs and your shoes.

9. Use a Belt

Use a Belt

image: letemjealous.com

To ensure that you look as put together as possible you will want to use a belt with your pants. See how a great belt can take your look to the next level over at Let’EmJealous, and you’re sure to shop for some new belts right away.

10. Don’t Shy Away from Color

Shy Away from Color

image: petitestylescript

It’s easy to think that your work pants have to be boring, but as you can see at Petite Style Script, you can have brighter pants and still look professional. Try a color that is still a little neutral if you are worried about how they will look.

11. Skip the Holes

Skip the Holes

image: plussizeall

If your work pants have any holes in them, then it is time to get rid of them and go shopping. At Plus Size All you can see the difference that great looking pants make and why you don’t want to wear holey pants to the office.

12. Match Your Jacket

Match Your Jacket

image: 40plusstyle

To really look and feel put together, opt for pants that match your jacket. At 40 Plus Style you can see how great this outfit looks and that you’re sure to experience a boost of confidence.

13. Consider Your Fit

Consider Your Fit

image: petitestylescript.com

Even if you choose pants that are a little bit looser and have more movement, you want to make sure that they are not so baggy that they don’t fit well. Check out Petite Style Script to see the difference that great fitting pants make.

14. Keep it Springy

Keep it Springy

image: work-outfits.com

Light blue pants are not only comfortable and will keep you from overheating in the summer, but they look fresh and new, as seen over at Work-Outfits. These pants can easily work both for a day at the office or out and about when you are trying to get new clients.

15. Watch Your Footwear

Watch Your Footwear

image: julesinflats.com

At Jules in Flats, you’ll love how professional your pants and you will look when you wear flats, as opposed to high heels. Try a shoe that is comfortable so that you can make sure that you’ll be able to make it through the day without problems.

16. Go White and Fit

Go White and Fit

image: letemjealous.com

White pants are sure to turn a few heads in the office, making them great to wear when you want to make a statement. Pair your white pants with a brighter top as they did here at Let’EmJealous, and you are sure to stand out.

17. Try Short Pant

Try Short Pant

image: newagedrinks.org

Your pants don’t have to be long to make an impression, as you can see here at Newagedrinks. If you choose shorter pants, then you need to make sure that you pair them with a more subdued top so that the pants can be the star of the show.

The right pants can help you move freely in the office and ensure that you are comfortable and in control, no matter whether you are dealing with clients or interacting with your co-workers. Choosing the right pants is important so that you will look and feel your best.