How to Choose The Right Handbag Sewing Patterns?

DIY projects are as relaxing as they’re fun to make. One of the projects that take time but give you something immensely beautiful and essential to use are the handbag projects. There are several handbag sewing patterns you can try and several materials out of which you can make them.

Handbags are usually some of the most expensive purchases of our wardrobe and if you find a good one, it can last you for a lifetime. But, you can’t be the one carrying just one plain bag with every outfit of yours.

Thus, if you DIY your bag, it’s more inexpensive, it’s prettier, and you can make as many as you want! This article will tell you all about different handbag sewing patterns and how you can experiment with them.

How to Sew an Ethel Tote Bag Pattern?

Ethel tote bags are medium sized, sturdy bags with enough room to put in all your essentials and some more. This can be an everyday bag where you can just put your stuff in and leave out the door. You can also sew in a few small pockets for other stuff like keys, change, etc.

The tote is usually narrower at the top and wider at the bottom. The specifications include a 13 inch wide bottom, a 10 inches wide tops, and a depth of 5 inches in the bag. The bag is made 10 inches tall, but can be a little more depending on your needs. You can also sew in a few small pockets on the inside to hold tiny stuff.

A foam interfacing along with an interior and exterior lining is recommended in this pattern. You can find more patterns like these on Craftsy.

Swoon Ethel Tote Bag

Design A “Doggie Tote”

When you have a small dog, it can be difficult to walk them around while you’re shopping. There’s always a fear of them running around or getting lost. Therefore, you can design a doggie tote for yourself and carry your pooch around in your bag, while they also enjoy the scenery.

Design you regular canvas tote with a U-shaped cutout on the side. This cutout should fit the face of your dog and thus, should be slightly larger than its measurements. Remember the cutout should always start at least half an inch away from the straps of the bag. Thus, the bigger the dog, the bigger the bag. Check out Martha Stewart’s designs to get more ideas about your DIY doggie bags.

How To Sew A Ruffled Handbag?

Ruffled Handbag

Ruffled bags make for the cutest bags when going out for a brunch or a day out with your friends. The addition of tiny ruffles instantly ups the style quotient, making it cuter and prettier. It is always a good idea to use more floral patterns or brighter colors with the ruffled bags, as they are more chic than grungy.

Take your standard bag design and cut out strips of different clothes out of which you want to make ruffles. The size of the strip can vary from an inch to an inch and a half but not longer than that. Make a fold in the strip, sew it in, leave some flat space, and then repeat the first folding step. Repeat it until you have a ruffle around your bag.

For the next ruffles, always place them underneath the first one to give a more finished look. You can check out various ruffled bag designs on Pinterest.

Design A Zippered Box Pleated Pouch.

Zippered pouches make for some of the essential bags we ever own. We use them to keep our makeup, our accessories, some extra money, and more. Cute zippered pouches also make for great gift bags as you can keep your tiny present in them and gift it to someone.

You can make the pouch out of two different strips of cloth of 7 inches on top of each other and sew on the box pattern on them. Join them together with a lace strip and fold the sewed strips to make a pouch. Sew in the other side of the strip and then, add a zipper to finish it off. This YouTube video will teach you everything you need to know about the box pleated pattern on a pouch.

Handbags are an everyday necessity and it’s always nice to have a ton of them at home. Thus, make your own as and when you like and have a new handbag to use every day.