20 Flannel Lined Jeans Womens Styles and Tips That You’ll Love

When you buy flannel lined jeans for women, you will want to make sure that know how to style them, how to wear them, and how to choose the best jeans for your body. Knowing what to look for when shopping for jeans will ensure that you stay warm and cozy and that you look great and are comfortable in your outfit.

If you are considering buying and wearing new jeans, then pay attention to these 20 styles and tips so that you can find the right pair for your body and so that you know exactly how to make them look their best.

1. Tuck in Your Shirt

Tuck in Your Shirt

image: eddiebauer

You definitely want to look nice when wearing your new jeans, so make sure that you consider tucking in your shirt. This will help you achieve a polished and finished look that will ensure you look great, like here at Eddie Bauer.

2. Vintage Flannel Lined

Vintage Flannel Lined

image: instagram

When you want to embrace the vintage look, you should pay attention to gertie18 at Instagram. They look great with most any outfit, but especially if you pair them with a vintage top and shoes.

3. Wear with Heels

Wear with Heels

image: etsy

Skip the hiking boots and choose ones that have a bit of a heel to them to ensure that you look a little classier than normal when wearing your jean. See the style at Etsy.

4. Wear Them Looser

Wear Them Looser

image: contentinjection

As you can see at Content Injection, your jean don’t have to be super tight to look great. Opting for a pair that are a little looser will help you stay comfortable no matter what you are doing.

5. Wear with The Belt

Skip the Belt

image: evelust

For a really relaxed look, go ahead and wear them with the belt on your jeans like they do at Evelust. This will ensure that you don’t look overdressed for the occasion.

6. Black Top Stitching

Black Top Stitching

image: instagram

While most people think of jeans being blue, you can easily find great pairs that are black. These will add even more interest to your outfit and tend to be much more versatile, as you can see on fabgabs’ Instagram.

7. Jazz up with Boot

Jazz up with Boot

image: shopstyle

If you have cute boots on then feel free to cuff your jeans high enough to show them off, as at Shopstyle. Otherwise, you’ll want to let the legs remain a little longer to cover the boot and keep your legs warmer.

8. Consider the Fit

Consider the Fit

image: workingperson

You want to make sure that your new jeans are flattering, which is why you need to consider the cut and how they look from all angles. You can check out all angles of your new jeans and buy some here at Working Person’s Store.

9. Pick a Bright Flannel

Pick a Bright Flannel

image: kohls

See how a bright colored flannel will pep up your outfit over at Kohls. You don’t have to feel stuck only wearing darker flannel when you chose one with a brighter hue.

10. Minimal Rolled Up

Minimal Rolled Up

image: vickerey

At Vickerey you can see how neutral jeans with flannel will look amazing when paired with a plain shirt. Opt for neutral colored jeans and you can wear them most anywhere while still making sure that you look great.

11. Go High-Waisted

Go High-Waisted

image: etsy

High-waisted flannel lined jeans look great and will keep you very warm. They are generally going to be vintage but if you can find a pair that are in great condition, then you don’t need to worry about how well they will last, so check them out on Etsy               .

12. Pair Them with Sneakers

Pair Them with Sneakers

image: instagram

If you want to wear sneakers with your jeans, you can without worrying about how you are going to look. This is a great way to stay warm and comfortable, as you can see on scornettching’s Instagram.

13. Choose a Dark Wash

Choose a Dark Wash

image: dickies

If you want your jeans to look as nice as possible, then consider buying ones in a darker wash. See how great they can look at Dickies, and imagine pairing them with multiple tops from your closet.

14. Remember that Gray is Great

Remember that Gray is Great

image: sierratradingpost

Gray jeans look amazing with most any color top, especially when you match your top to the color of flannel that lines your new jeans. Check out the attractive gray wash at Sierra Trading Post.

15. Think about the Hem

Think about the Hem

image: articleand

If you are going to be cuffing your jeans to show off the flannel, then you want to make sure that you choose ones that have an attractive hem that isn’t fraying. Now is not the time to fight with a ruined seam or hem, so check out some great jeans on Articleand.

16. Work Your Height

Work Your Height

image: sears

If you are really tall, then you need to make sure that your jeans can match your height so that they don’t appear too short. See great options on Sears that will ensure that they aren’t too short.

17. Match with Cream

Match with Cream

image: target

A cream top looks great with jeans, as you can see here on Target. It doesn’t matter if you choose a sweater or a jacket; cream will look great with your new jeans.

18. Roll Them Up

Roll Them Up

image: etsy

Instead of just putting in a small cuff at the bottom of your jeans, try rolling them up a little higher and closer to your knees. This is a really cute look, as you can see on Etsy.

19. Stay Relaxed

Stay Relaxed

image: llbean

A comfort waist will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed when wearing your new jeans. Remember that the extra layer of flannel can make them feel a little tighter, so choose ones that will remain comfortable like this from L. L. Bean.

20. Wear Your Hiking Boots

Wear Your Hiking Boots

image: instagram

This jean looks great with hiking boots, as you can see on tmistick’s Instagram. This will let you really take advantage of how warm these jeans are, as they will prevent you from being too cold outside.

Flannel lined jeans are a great way to not only stay warm during the fall and winter, but also to ensure that you love your outfit and are confident in how you look and feel.