Make Your Own DIY Glitter Shoes With This Simple Guide

Glitter shoes are always in trend. There’s no better season than fall to wear glitter shoes! Why buy them from some store when you can make a pair for yourself! Not only it is fun to do so, but you can make yourself a personalized one just the way you want. DIY glitter shoes are fun for everyone – whether you are a child or an adult.

Plus, you can spend hours on it without really feeling tired – they let the creative juices flow in your brain and make you feel refreshed. Glitter shoes are inexpensive to make and they look as fabulous as an autumn sunset.

Make A Supplies Checklist

Always choose a pair of canvas shoes to make DIY glitter shoes, advises the Instructables. The shoes do not necessarily have to be white in color. You can also take an old pair of shoes or ballerinas if you not more use it and want to experiment.

All the supplies you will require are Mod Podge, glitter (choose any color you want), one medium flat brush, heavy duty adhesive, a newspaper, a few plastic dishes, toothbrush, rhinestones, and tape. Gather all your supplies and be ready to start the mission.

DIY Glitter Shoes


Put On Your Creative Hat

First, lay a big piece of newspaper on the ground. Take a toothbrush and comb the shoes to take off any dust and dirt. Mask the shoes with tape. Put tape on the sides and any part you don’t to put glitter on.

Make sure you tape the shoes without leaving any bubbles or gap in between because the glitter mix can seep through and then you won’t be able to clean it as it will turn black on rubbing.

Wikihow advises to pour Mod Podge on a plastic dish and glitter on another. Take another plate and mix the two parts of Mod Podge and one part of glitter to make a thick paste. Take the medium flat brush and start applying the glitter mix on the shoes. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes and then apply the second coat. Let it dry and apply the third coat.

It’s Time For Some Magic

Remove the tape carefully once the third coat has dried. It takes around half an hour for the last coat to dry. Keep it under the fan in a dry place for it to dry faster. Do not keep it in the backyard under the sun as all the Mod Podge might melt because of the high temperature.

To check that the glitter coat has completely dried, rub your finger lightly over it. If it doesn’t feel cold and no fingerprint is formed on it, you are good to go ahead with the next step. Apply clear nail polish to stick the glitter well and so that it doesn’t come off and stick on clothes and other things.

DIY Glitter Shoe


You would have already chosen the rhinestones you want to put on the shoes. Make sure they go well with the color of the glitter. If you have taken golden glitter, go for black or white rhinestones, but if you have chosen silver glitter then go for magenta, blue, black color rhinestones.

Take heavy duty adhesive glue and stick the rhinestones in your own pattern. If you don’t have heavy duty adhesive at home, you can use hot glue but make sure you use very little as it spreads when you apply pressure.

Extra Details?

Your DIY glitter shoes are complete after sticking rhinestones on it, but why not make it a little more sassier? Stick a very thin white lace on the sides of the shoe.

You can opt out from putting rhinestones and only stick a lace on the sides. Once the glue is dry you are good to wear the shoes and flaunt them!

Some Tips To Remember While Making Glitter Shoes

Use a glossy Mod Podge rather than the matte one as it will dull the glitter. If there is a crack in the glitter layer after you using it for a while, fill in the gap using a clear nail polish. This YouTube video will tell you more. One interesting glitter color perfect for the fall season is ruby red.

It’s time to go show off your new glitter shoes to your friends!