How to Make Tulle Skirt at Home?

All of us dream of princess costumes. Tulle skirts get us one step closer to that dream. It is a style that is very fashionable today. For example, you can wear a Tulle skirt with a T-shirt ready to go partying or with a sweater to go more casual.

With a Tulle skirt, you can create your very own trend. It is also effortless to make them by hand. Do you wish to be a modern princess? If you are one of those nonchalant women who like to dress in a flirty and fun manner, then Tulle skirts have been designed just for you.

Here are simple steps on how to make a Tulle skirt at home. Pay attention to read and go to make it together with us.

What materials would you need to make a skirt?

  • Tulle colors, depending on the costume.
  • A tape 20 cm longer than the outline of the small of your waist.
  • Lining fabric that matches the Tulle color.
  • Marking Chalk.
  • Straight pins.
  • Kraft paper for pattern.
  • 1” to 1.5” thick elastic for the waistband.
  • Fabric scissors.

How to calculate the fabric that is needed for the Tulle skirt?

Tulle Fabric: We multiply the waist contour by 4. For the weave, we use 4 cm of fabric. If you do not want as many frills, you can multiply it by 3, and if you want more of it, you can multiply it by 5.

Then we multiply it by 2 because we want the skirt to give us two rounds at the waist. If you want to give more laps, you just have to multiply it by 3.

Lining Fabric: Multiply the waist contour by 2 (for the gather). We only want the lining to give us round at the waist.

how to make tulle skirt

Image: abeautifulmess

The measurements that you must take to make a Tulle skirt:

  • Waistline
  • Length of the skirt (taken from the waist)

How to go about making a Tulle skirt at home?

  • You would have to cut a piece of Tulle Fabric. The width depends on how you want the skirt. For this, you must take the measurements of the person the Tulle skirt is meant for prior to cutting the fabric.
  • You must make the waistband with an elastic band. You just have to sew the ends in order to make it.
  • The pieces of Tulle will be superimposed on the previous Tulle. You must go at it one by one in an organized manner. If you want to give more volume to your skirt, you must knot the pieces of two in two or three in three. You have to keep in mind that the waist will be bulkier.

You can intersperse fragments of different colors within your skirt to make it funky and fun.

A tip that might come in handy.

It would be best if you first pin down all the layers prior to sewing the waistband on. Count all the layers first to ensure they are pinned properly to get an even Layered Tulle Skirt!


There are many ways to play with tulle fabric to create Beautiful Designs. In this case, we have seen how to make the basic type of tulle skirts if you are a beginner and have never tried it before.

Knotted strips are a great idea to make one of these skirts quickly, but you can also use Tulle patches instead of strips. Although here, you would have to sew because the knots would not be worth it.

Do you like these types of skirts to dress in? Well, if you do, you can easily make one of these at home without the hassle of paying for them!