Making Your Own Footwear – 10 DIY Shoes for Comfort and Style

Read this guide of 10 DIY Shoes for comfort and style. Shoes can be pretty expensive, especially if you want to stay up with the latest fashion trends. By learning some simple techniques, it’s possible to save a small fortune. I’ve spent time carefully choosing hand made shoe designs which look professional and are also very easy to create.

Most of the tutorials start by customising a pair of cheap shoes. If you already have a pair of shoes you no longer wear, then following these instructions is much better than simply throwing the shoes away.

If you want to display some of your unique personality, then you could also use these tutorials as inspiration, and then customize them as you see fit. It’s important that the shoes are comfortable as you will be on your feet for a large proportion of the day. For this reason, all of the designs that have been selected are all comfortable as well as being fashionable.

10 DIY Shoes Tutorials

1. Canvas Shoes Restyle

Canvas Shoes Restyle
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Canvas Shoes are comfortable and ideal for the warm summer months. This tutorial focuses on upcycling a plain pair of canvas shoes into something truly unique and beautiful. A design is drawn onto the shoes, and then stitched using cotton in different colors. This crease a really cute comfortable shoe you will love wearing.

2. DIY Shoe Clips

DIY Shoe Clips
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The author of this tutorial shows how easy it is to make shoe clips. These are made out of old pairs of clip on ear-rings. Once clipped on they instantly make any pair of shoes look beautiful.

3. Polka Dot Sneaks

Polka Dot Sneaks
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This tutorial uses a pair of inexpensive canvas sneakers. The sneakers used are a light blue color, although any color would work well. A fabric pen is used to simply apply dots all over the surface of the sneakers. This is an inexpensive and speedy way of creating polka dot sneaks on the cheap.

4. Dolce Gabbana Embellished Shoes

Dolce Gabbana Embellished ShoesImage By:

This tutorial shows you how you can create your very own shoes inspired by Dolce Gabbana. The very shoes were worn by Katie Holmes on the front of InStyle Magazine in 2011. All you will need are fabric shoes, lace, sequins and Rhinestones.

The gems are simply glued onto the fabric shoes and lace trim used around the edges. It creates a very classy and expensive looking shoe.

5. White Studs On White Flats Shoe

White Studs On White Flats Shoe
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This is a really easy project to create for yourself. The only things you need are flat shoes, flat backed studs and a hot glue gun. The studs are simply glued in place onto the shoe using the hot glue gun. The most difficult thing will be positioning the studs and ensuring you don’t make a mess with the hot glue.

6. Thrifty Shoe Makeover

Thrifty Shoe Makeover
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This tutorial shows just how easy it is to upcycle shoes found in charity stores. No matter how bad their condition is, they can be fixed up using acrylic paint. The edges of the shoe can be taped up to create a neat finished look. The finished shoes look very professional, additional touches could be added too, including clip on gems, or glued on studs.

7. DIY Minion Shoes

DIY Minion Shoes
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If you have kids then you probably already know who the minons are. These DIY minion shoes will make you the most popular mum at school. You just need tennis shoes and some fabric paint. Choose white colored tennis shoes, then you will need yellow, and blue fabric paints. These can be hand painted to create an outstandingly beautiful shoe.

8. DIY Watermelon Shoes

DIY Watermelon Shoes
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The DIY Watermelon shoes tutorial demonstrates some interesting techniques to create unique and personal shoes. This is another tutorial showing that fabric paints can be used to customise plain white shoes.

The author suggests that the inside of the shoes are packed with newspaper to prevent them from shrinking or deforming. The watermelon design is also very easy to create.

9. Faux Painted Oxfords

Faux Painted Oxfords
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This faux painted oxfords tutorial shoes how you can create a very effective looking oxford shoe without spending much money. All you need is a pair of white tennis shoes and some fabric paints. Use fabric pens or pencils to mark out the design, then fill in the areas with paint. The tutorial itself is very detailed and broken down into small stages.

10. Customisable Ballet Flats

Customisable Ballet Flats
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This is a wonderful tutorial demonstrating how you can create custom ballet flats accessories using pompoms, fabric, bows, magnets and glue. The magnets mean that the accessories can be switched around to create different looks using the same shoes.

Hopefully these 10 great customised shoe ideas will give you some inspiration for your own shoes. You don’t have to follow the tutorials to the letter, just let your creativity flow!