18 Things to Consider When Buying Midi Circle Skirts

Midi circle skirts are incredibly cute and flattering, and they will, for the most part, look great on everyone. If you want to wear this fun style, but you aren’t sure how you can make sure that you will look your best, then you will want to try out one of these fun skirts. When you choose the right skirt, a midi circle skirt is incredibly attractive and will really take your outfit to the next level.

It’s important that you pay attention to some key style tips and outfits that will help you feel great. Check out these 18 outfits that will give you the courage to wear a midi skirt and will also allow you to be certain that you look amazing.

1. Even Out the Glam

Even Out the Glam

image: gurl.com

If you choose a metallic or bright skirt, then you will want to pair it with some sneakers for an everyday look. Wearing sneakers with a bright skirt will only make you look like you are trying to be very dressed up. See how to style this look at Gurl.

2. Don’t be Afraid of a Statement

Afraid of a Statement

image: instyle.com

If your skirt is a little more subdued, then even it out with a statement shoe. The right heel is sure to continue the long and lean appearance of your skirt. Check out the look at InStyle, and see how the right shoe makes a difference.

3. Pick a Pattern

image: prettydesigns

The right pattern on your skirt will instantly become the focal point of your outfit. If you do choose a skirt with a pattern, then see how Pretty Designs allowed it to be the star.

4. Pop with White

Pop with White

image: dressala.com

A white midi skirt will allow your top and your shoes to really pop. Check out the style at Dressala, and see how you can make it work for both the office and a night out.

5. Be Understated

Be Understated

image: fashiondivadesign

While a bold pattern looks great, one that is understated will make people look twice at your outfit. See a great example at Fashion Diva Design, and you’ll see how understated can pop.

6. Be Tough

Be Tough

image: soundofsweetlullabies

At Sound of Sweet Lullabies, you can learn how to style a leather skirt and still look chic and feminine at the same time. This is a great look for a date or when going out with friends.

7. Wear Tights

Wear Tights

image: gurl.com

You don’t have to give up on your favorite skirt when you pair it with cozy tights to combat the cooler weather. Not only does Gurl show that this is cute, but that it also is a great way to make your favorite skirt even more versatile.

8. Be Unexpected

Be Unexpected

image: instyle.com

Patterns are great and a fun way to spice up your skirt. However, for something that will really turn heads, see how InStyle chose bold patterns to pair with more subdued tops, shoes, and bags that will take your outfit to the next level.

9. Pair it with Denim

Pair it with Denim

image: prettydesigns

A well-fitting denim jacket will really make your outfit pop. When you pair your jean jacket with a bright and bold skirt, you will be able to make the perfect mix of bold and ladylike. See the style at Pretty Designs.

10. Pick Something with Texture

Pick Something with Texture

image: dressala.com

A textured midi skirt will instantly be more interesting than one that is made of plain fabric. At Dressala, you can see how the texture can add interest to the silhouette of the skirt and make the whole outfit more fun.

11. Don’t Be Afraid of Pleats

Be Afraid of Pleats

image: ohhmymy.com

Over at Ohh My My you can see how pleats will take your skirt to the next level. They don’t just add visual interest, but they also make your skirt swing and move with you while you walk. Pleats are back in style, and buying a skirt with pleats will help you stay on trend.

12. Choose an Accessorized Skirt

Choose an Accessorized Skirt

image: prettydesigns.com

You can keep your accessories to a minimum when you opt for a skirt that is already embellished. You’ll love this skirt with a giant bow over at Pretty Designs and how cute it makes an outfit.

13. Go for a Slit

Go for a Slit

image: instyle.com

While midi skirts don’t generally have a slit up the side, InStyle shows how you can pair a skirt that has a slit with a pair of high boots for a look that is perfect for cooler fall weather. As long as you don’t show too much skin, you can still wear your skirt with a slit to work and out for dinner without being self-conscious.

14. Feel Light and Airy

Feel Light and Airy

image: prettydesigns.com

The great thing about a skirt is that they come in a number of different fabrics. If you want to feel playful and airy, then opt for one like this black option at Pretty Designs. It’s perfect for a warm spring day or for going out to lunch with friends.

15. Go Monochrome

Go Monochrome

image: fashiongum.com

For a great look that won’t make you appear to have put too much effort into your outfit, choose a skirt, and then opt for a monochrome palette. At Fashion Gum, you can see how chic and effortless this looks.

16. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Leg

Be Afraid to Show Leg

image: outfittrends.com

While you may not be comfortable wearing a skirt with a slit, a shorter skirt can make you feel great, fun, and cute. At Outfit Trends, you can see how a shorter skirt can still look great, no matter what type of top you pair it with.

17. Go Big Skirt

Go Big Skirt

image: dressala.com

If you are unafraid to make a statement with your skirt, then choose one that is a little bit bigger and has some volume to it. Not only will you feel fancy, but you are sure to stand out in all the right ways as seen here at Dressala.

18. Show Some Skin

Show Some Skin

image: fashiondivadesign

A perfect skirt with a crop top will allow you to show the right amount of skin. See how to style this look without looking like your clothes don’t fit right at Fashion Diva Design, and you are sure to look and feel great.

The next time you want to wear a midi skirt, remember that you can choose from a number of different styles and can put together a cute outfit quickly and easily with this fashion staple.