How to Rip Jeans Without Ruining Them?

Looking to get yourself one of those fashionable ripped jeans but want to save on the budget? From celebrities to the common people, everyone’s adopting the trend of the distressed jeans or ripped jeans today.

Frayed jeans are often seen paired up with handbags and pumps and a hairstyle to match. This street style is ridiculously popular today to pull off an informal, off-duty uniform. But how do you rip jeans without ruining them?

More often than not, poorly ripped jeans can result in a knee bulge (that’s a thing)! There is a huge scope of monumentally ruining a good pair of jeans in an attempt to rip them. So how do you go about it? Know how to rip jeans sitting right in your home, and giving it the pro look you want!

How to Rip Jeans Like a Pro?

Follow the below given steps that can never go wrong!

Step 1: Check if you’re going the right way

You must always try to use a pair of scissors first on some “test” item rather than taking out your favorite pair and murdering it mercilessly.

If you like all the pairs of jeans you own, you can try heading up to a local charity shop to get some jeans to practice on. This step is super essential because you would not know what to expect unless you try it out! DO NOT GO IN BLIND!

Step 2: It’s a good idea to wash first.

You must wash your jeans a few times before getting started. This would fray them a bit and lend them an authentic “aged” appearance that you mostly expect from a Distressed Pair Of Jeans. You can even consider adding a bit of bleach in the color to break down.

However, remember not to add any other clothes in, so as to ensure that you don’t spoil anything else.

how to rip jeans

Step 3: Slip ‘em on and mark ‘em up.

This step requires you to slip into your jeans and grab a pen, safety pins and chalk to mark them up.

  • You must mark the areas to rip off properly from before.
  • Chalk would be the best option to mark the jeans, and it’s pretty safe too.
  • You wouldn’t want to injure yourself while you’re at it accidentally!
  • Then take off the jeans, lay it down on the floor and highlight the markings so that they are easily visible.

Step 4: Have the distressing tools at hand.

You would need sandpaper, steel wool, a cheese grater, a foot file or a pumice stone. Use sharp scissors to create holes since it’s all about the precision here. Then work at it! The result should scream effortless and nonchalant.

Step 5: The last few details.

Now, this last part is a bit tricky!

  • Take a pair of scissors or a penknife to horizontally scrape down the area where you want the rips to happen.
  • Now spray the frantic threads sporadically using the tweezers.
  • If you do not want the threads and are aiming for holes, you can cut them using the penknife or the scissors.

All that’s left after that is to roughen up the Frayed Part with sandpaper or pumice stone for some authentic wear and tear.


We all love a nice pair of distressed jeans and can’t get enough of them! It might seem the height of idiocy to spend money on something that is distressed, isn’t it?

But, remember that knowing how to rip jeans correctly is important if you’re looking for a classy yet effortless look. With these DIY tricks, you can easily put some holes in your jeans, without having to put one in your pocket!