17 Ways to Style a Silk Square Scarf Make Your Outstanding

If you have never before worn a silk square scarf, then you may be a little intimidated about how to tie and style this accessory and what you can do to look your best. Rather than continuing to be afraid of this fun and useful accessory, when you know how to style this scarf and how to wear it, then you can take advantage of this fun and easy accessory.

Try one of these great 17 ways to style your new scarf, and you are sure to look and feel amazing. With a little practice, you will be a pro at different styles so that you can quickly and easily update your look.

1. Enjoy an Alternative Collar

Enjoy an Alternative Collar

image: seasaltcornwall

If you don’t have a collar on your shirt, but you wish that you did, then take heart; at Seasalt Stories, you can learn how easily you can achieve this look, adding interest to any outfit and updating your top quickly and without any sewing or major alterations.

2. Enjoy Long Tails

Enjoy Long Tails

image: audreyalamode

By tying the scarf low around your neck and then allowing the longer tails to hang down your front, you can create an easy style that is fun and fast. At Audrey a la Mode, you’ll see how this can take your outfit to the next level quickly.

3. Protect Your Hair

Protect Your Hair

image: head-scarves.blogspot

A silk scarf can be a great way to protect your hair, especially if you are going to be out in the wind. If you have just had your hair fixed or are going to be riding in a convertible, then you will want to see how to wear this style at Head-Scarves.

4. Tie a Classic Knot

Tie a Classic Knot

image: nancydilts

A great knot at the side of your neck will not only help to keep you warm, but it will also add some visual interest to your outfit with a bright pop of color. It’s easy to do; just follow the directions at Nancy Dilts, and you’ll be accessorizing in no time.

5. Wrap Your Wrist

Wrap Your Wrist

image: fazhion.co

It may come as a surprise, but wearing your new scarf around your wrist is a trendy option. At Fazhion, you can see how this trend will add color to your outfit while still allowing you to keep the rest of your clothing options a little more neutral.

6. The French Twist

The French Twist

image: nancydilts

This look is a little difficult if your scarf is smaller, but if it has ample fabric, then you will be able to achieve this classic tie as shown on Nancy Dilts. You’ll love the layers that your scarf provides, the warmth it gives your neck, and how many colors you can see.

7. V-Neck in the Front

V-Neck in the Front

image: audreyalamode

You won’t want to use a very scarf for this tie, as otherwise the ends of your scarf will hang down too long. The v-neck tie is very attractive with any top, but it works especially well if you have a light blazer on. See the look, and learn how to tie it at Audrey a la Mode.

8. Tie a Bow

Tie a Bow

image: lottevdmark

A bow is a very cute way to tie your scarf and will allow you to enjoy your new scarf while still expressing your personality. See how to do it at Lotje’s Inspiration.

9. The Napoleon

The Napoleon

image: scarves.com

For a fun and preppy look you can’t go wrong with, try this side tie. As shown on Scarves, it looks especially great when you use a square scarf that is really bright and patterned.

10. Way Back To Vintage

Way Back To Vintage

image: head-scarves.blogspot

Silk scarves are great for a vintage feel, especially when they are used to tie around the head and when you have your hair perfectly coiffed and formed. See how cute you can look and how to top off your vintage look at Head-Scarves.

11. Make a Choker

Make a Choker

image: nancydilts.com

By pushing the knot in your scarf to the back of your neck, you can create a streamlined and sleek look. You’ll love the way your new choker looks and how easily you can match the fabric that you choose to the rest of your outfit, as seen at Nancy Dilts.

12. Keep it Tight with a Ring

Keep it Tight with a Ring

image: scarves.com

Using a ring is a great way to keep your scarf in place without having to tie it. This is great if you are worried about how tightly you will pull the knot or whether it will lay flat when you are finished. See how to use a ring at Scarves.

13. Skip the Knot

Skip the Knot

image: glamcheck

For a look that is a little softer and more feminine, you may want to skip the knots altogether. Allow an end of your scarf to hang loosely over the piece tied around your neck for a unique look as seen on Glamcheck.

14. Keep it Loose

Keep it Loose

image: scarves.com

Enjoy the motion of your scarf in the wind when you style it as shown on Scarves. There aren’t any knots in this style, making it easy to do when you are in a hurry, and it’s a great way to cover up the top of an old shirt.

15. Keep it Knotty

Keep it Knotty

image: chartzie

Adding some knots to your scarf before tying it around your neck keeps it interesting. See how this can update your style and appearance at Chartzie.

16. Accessorize Your Purse

Accessorize Your Purse

image: sweatshirtsanddresses

If you want your purse to look its best, too, then take a cue from Sweatshirts & Dresses, and spice it up with your new scarf. This is a great way to enjoy your scarf, even if you don’t want to wear it on a particular day, as it will still be a part of your outfit.

17. The Back Tie

The Back Tie

image: audreyalamode

This is an easy way to wear your new scarf and will jazz up your boring shirts and tops. The instructions at Audrey a la Mode make it easy for you to use your new scarf as a pop of color and to adjust your outfit.

Silk square scarves can instantly update your outfit and ensure that you look and feel great. If you are timid about how to wear one, then any of these great styles and tying techniques are sure to give you the confidence that you need to try one out.