Simple DIY Shirt Ideas You Should Try Right Now

T-shirts never go out of style. These garments offer incredible comfort and the best part? Once they get too old, don’t throw them away – there are countless creative DIY shirt ideas to help you turn a plain old t-shirt into a chic top that you can wear to the gym, mall, at home, etc. All you need is scissors, some thread, some new materials, and your creative mind.

Simple DIY Shirt Ideas

Before you discard your old tee, why not give it a makeover and spin it into a piece of wearable art? Plus, it’s a lot of fun turning an old shirt into something new. Here are five simple ideas that will turn that rugged old shirt into a fashionable top.

Workout Tank.

Here is a simple guide to turning your old tee into a workout shirt. And the best part is that No sewing necessary.

    Items required: An old shirt, scissors

    Directions: Start off by laying out your old tee out. Next, cut sleeves, collar, and the bottom of the shirt off – you can opt to only cut out the front bottom part for a high-low design. Remember to cut it off in a semicircle as this will create a halo effect that will complement your body better.

NOTE: You can opt to trim it up neatly or choose to leave those rough edges in for a messier look.

Cut away more fabric from the sleeve area if you want thinner straps. Now, turn the tee around and cut the back collar downward into a V-shape (about 3-5 inches) – this will create a V neck but only at the back. Now you have a trendy new Workout Tank from a 5 minute DIY project.

Simple Sleeveless.

    Items Required: An old shirt, Scissors

    Directions: Pick up a shirt that has become a bit tight for you and cut off the sides till all the way down – leave about 4-5 inches from below. For a clean and precise cut, fold your shirt with sleeves lying on top of one another. Take a pair of sharp scissors and hack starting from your sleeve’s hemline to near-bottom of your shirt. And there you have it; a sleeveless top that can be worked for grocery runs, in the gym, or at home.

Crop Top.

Who doesn’t love showing off their toned midriff? Crop Tops are quite popular at the moment and making one for yourself is easier than you’d expect.

    Items Required: You’ll need scissors and an old shirt.

    Directions: Firstly, hack off sleeves by the hemline. Next, widen the neckline by merely cutting around collar area to the desired width. Now it’s time to create a crop. I love a high-low crop-top so when cutting the bottom part of the shirt, I cut out more fabric from the front than the back.

Now, put an outfit together and accessorize accordingly – remember that minimalism goes a long way so don’t overdo on bulky accessories. A sleek look works best – perhaps pair it with a tight pair of high jeans, some beautiful sandals, a simple clutch bag, a bracelet and some earrings.

Strap Back.

You’ll need your brother’s or boyfriend’s old black or Gray t-shirt, scissors, thread, and some bright stretchable elastic material (pink, orange, red)

    Directions: This design works well with loose t-shirts as you are trying to create a tomboyish-chic look. Cut out a deep V-neck shape at the back of your shirt. Leave around 4-6 inches from the bottom. Next, cut out stretchable elastic fabric (3-4 strands of 2-3 inches width should do.)

When cutting out these strands, place the material on the gaping hole in the back to establish width then cut accordingly. Finally, sew these strands into those gaps, and there you have it! NOTE: Use thread matching the t-shirts color.

Moon Shape Cut-out.

Have you perhaps stumbled onto someone sporting a stylish cut-out on the back of their t-shirt? Well, here is the guide;

    Items Required: You’ll need an old tee, thread, black lace fabric, scissors, and a cut-out shape

    Directions: Here, we shall go with a moon-shape (draw a moon on a piece of paper and cut it out – this will guide you when it’s time to cut the pattern out.) Place the cut-out on the back of your shirt and outline it. Take a pair of scissors and cut out this outline from your shirt.

Next, place the moon shape cut-out onto your lace fabric and proceed to cutting the shape out – remember to add 1’’ on all sides. If unable to do this, simply outline a larger moon-shape on your lace fabric as you’ll need the extra dimensions when sewing it in.

Now, turn your shirt inside out and sew lace into the t-shirt gap.