The Very Best 8 Dress Outfit Ideas

I’ve spent many hours searching the internet for some amazing dress outfit ideas. The problem is that there are so many to choose from it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Some of these designs are even fairly complicated and would take a very long time to complete.

That’s why I decided to compile a list of 8 of the very best dress outfit ideas. These include lots of helpful tutorials which have patterns and instructions which can be followed. I’ve tried to select designs which look very professional, but are also quite easy to create.

In fact, even if you have little or no experience in dress making then you shouldn’t have any issues with these patterns and tutorials. They are a great way to get an introduction into dress making. You can even take the simple tutorials and change them slightly to make the dresses unique and even more special. Read the list of the 8 dress ideas below.

8 Dress Outfit Ideas

1. Lace Midriff Dress

Lace Midriff Dress
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The lace midriff dress looks amazing and unique. It allows you to display a little bit of skin without showing off too much. As a result, it’s popular for people who aren’t too happy with their stomach. For this you need fabric, lace trim, thread and various supplies.

As lace is used, it’s best to use a plain fabric style. To make the design easier, the author suggests using a T-shirt which fits well. This is a great idea as it saves a lot of work.

2. Upcycled Wedding Dress

Upcycled Wedding Dress
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This tutorial is super easy but very effective to pull off. Although the author of the tutorial is making a wedding dress, the same technique could be used for any type of dress. The tutorial uses an inexpensive blank dress as a canvas.

It’s then tailored and adjusted to make it fit, this will make the dress look much more expensive. Then fabric paints can be used to create beautiful patterns all over the dress. This is a great way to get a unique dress without spending a fortune. See detail Upcycled Wedding Dress

3. Hand Stamped Pony Print Dress

Hand Stamped Pony Print Dress
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The Pony Print Dress is a fantastic introduction to fabric stamping and just how great it can look. The tutorial shows how you can make a custom stamp from foam. The author makes a pony stamp, although you could make your stamp into anything.

Once you have your stamp, it’s just a matter of deciding where to stamp and then applying the fabric paint to the fabric. The most difficult thing will be deciding on the spacing between stamps.

4. Tulip Dress Tutorial

Tulip Dress Tutorial
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The Tulip dress is the ideal dress design for anybody new to dress making. Patterns are included on the site which can be used to cut the fabric to. There are only two pieces of fabric which need to be stitched together to form the dress. As the design is quite simple, it works best with patterned fabric.

5. DIY Maxi Dress

DIY Maxi Dress

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Maxi dresses are extremely fashionable right now. By making your own maxi dress, you can enjoy wearing a beautiful maxi dress even if you’re too short to wear the ones in stores. The tutorial shows how you can take a plain tank top, chop it in half, and then match it with beautiful patterned fabric. The results look exactly like something you would find in a real store.

6. Easy Tee Dress

Easy Tee Dress
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The Easy Tee Dress is the perfect dress design for summer. It will help you to stay cool and comfortable even when it’s very hot. The tutorial uses woven material, and is very detailed. You shouldn’t encounter any problems following the tutorial as the steps are all quite simple.

7. Reversible Shift Dress

Reversible Shift Dress

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The Reversible Shift Dress is amazing, it’s two dresses in one. It can be worn either way around to be either a round neck, or v neck dress. Pretty impressive, huh? It’s actually very effective, nobody will think you are wearing the dress back to front. The tutorial is very detailed, there are even YouTube videos which makes it easy to understand the entire process.

8. Cinch Maxi Dress

Cinch Maxi Dress
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The Cinch Maxi Dress looks very complicated, but it’s actually much easier to make than you would think. Full pattern is provided, along with instructions. The author uses a tank top as a template for the body of the dress which is a good idea as it makes it much easier. A lot of sewing is required, but the results are well worth it.

These 8 DIY dress designs are a way to create a unique and stunning dress without needing to spend much money. If you like some of these tutorials, then you can even mix things up and change the designs.