18 Best Style to Consider When Buying Women’s Trench Coats

If you are interested in updating your wardrobe, but you still need a coat so that you can stay warm in cooler weather, then you may want to consider buying a trench coat. These coats look great and are incredibly comfortable, making them ideal for most situations. If you want to buy women’s trench coats, then you need to make sure that you understand how to buy a coat that will really meet your needs and look great.

When shopping for a new coat, make sure that you consider the following 18 things so that you can be sure that you’ll be happy with the new coat that you have bought.

1. Consider the Closure

Consider the Closure

image: nordstrom

While most coats for women close with buttons, you can find amazing coats that are open in the front if you want a more relaxed style. Check out this one at Nordstrom, and you can see a coat in a whole new light.

2. Choose Double the Buttons

Choose Double the Buttons

image: dhgate

A double row of buttons isn’t just a great way to keep your coat closed, but it looks great, as well. At DHgate, you can see how classic this look is, and you’ll instantly understand why it is such a popular open for women needing a coat.

3. Go for a Retro Look

Go for a Retro Look

image: wardrobelooks

A retro inspired look will set you apart from others and add a little interest to your coat. At WardrobeLooks, you can see how this style coat will fit right in with other retro or vintage clothing that you wear.

4. Go Significantly Shorter

Go Significantly Shorter

image: yourstylevault

This really short coat may border on a jacket, but it is still a great way to beat the cooler weather and look amazing. Choose one in a lighter neutral as the expert did at Your Style Vault and you will look cool and collected when you wear it.

5. Look for Texture

Look for Texture

image: thestripe

A coat that looks like a field jacket, thanks to interesting texture, will make you feel comfortable wearing it, no matter what kind of clothes you generally choose. At The Stripe, you can see how this expert wears a textured coat and looks great.

6. Make Sure it Fits

Make Sure it Fits

image: thegoldengirlblog

A baggy coat won’t look great, no matter how hard you try, which is why you want to make sure that you only buy this coat that fits perfectly, as the professional did here at The Golden Girl Blog. If your coat is too large or too small, then you won’t look your best.

7. Look at the Lining

Look at the Lining

image: myloveaffairwithsewing

While other people won’t necessarily see the lining of your new coat, you want to make sure that is well lined so that it will last a long time and protect you from the weather. At My Love Affair with Sewing, you can see how different lining fabric can make it pop.

8. Think about Leather

Think about Leather

image: robertrodriguezstudio

As you can see at Robert Rodriguez Studio, a leather coat will really set you apart from other people. This is a bold look that is sure to draw attention, so make sure that you are ready for it when you opt for this style.

9. Limit the Buttons

Limit the Buttons

image: loveofmode

For a trendy look, choose a coat that has minimal buttons, but still can use them to stay closed. At Love of Mode, you can see how updated this look is.

10. Don’t Shy Away from a Pattern

Shy Away from a Pattern

image: nordstrom

A pattern on your coat can look amazing, especially when you wear it with confidence. Check out this great patterned coat from Nordstrom, and see how a pattern can really improve your entire outfit.

11. Go Bold and Bright

Go Bold and Bright

image: allwomenstalk

Trench coats don’t have to be boring and neutral. At AllWomensTalk, you can see how a bright coat will liven up your outfit.

12. Long and Balance

Long and Balance

image: burberry

While you have to be careful that a longer coat doesn’t make you look really short, the professionals at Burberry show you how it is done. A longer trench can make you look very elegant.

13. Think about the Outline

Think about the Outline

image: thesimplyluxuriouslife

Because you don’t want your coat to be boring, consider buying one that has piping around the outline of the coat. This tiny bit of contrast may be all that you need to make the coat look even nicer than before and to ensure that it has a classic look. See how to wear it at The Simply Luxurious Life.

14. Get Covered with hood

Get Covered with hood

image: nordstrom

To make sure that you are prepared for any bad weather, consider buying a coat that has a hood. This will allow you to quickly and easily protect your hair against rain, snow, and sleet. See it here on Nordstrom, and be prepared to fall in love.

15. Pick a Nice Neutral

Pick a Nice Neutral

image: thegoldengirlblog

A neutral coat will work with most any outfit that you own and will keep you looking classic. Bold colors have their place and time, but neutral coats work all of the time, as you can see at The Golden Girl Blog.

16. Turn to Velvet

Turn to Velvet

image: wardrobelooks

At WardrobeLooks, you can see how a velvet coat adds a lot of interest to the coat itself. Velvet is not only incredibly soft and warm but will make your coat look incredibly interesting and touchable. Choose velvet when you aren’t worried about being out in the rain so that you don’t ruin it.

17. Go All Black

Go All Black

image: yourstylevault

The black coat is incredibly classic and will look great with most any outfit, from a pair of jeans to a cocktail dress. See how the expert at Your Style Vault styled her black coat, and you’ll want to buy one, too.

18. Coat with Belt

Coat with Belt

image: scottevest

You don’t have to tie your coat if you don’t want to. For a sleeker look such as the one seen here at Scottevest, opt for a coat that has a belt buckle. This will allow you to keep the end of your belt under control and ensure that you look sleek.

You will wear a great trench coat over and over, so make sure that you choose the right one for your needs and your style. Make sure that you take time when shopping so that you find the right coat.